Electric Car Charging Station

Are you thinking of buying a Tesla or another electric vehicle and need a car charging station? Amp Champ to the rescue…

Tesla Charging Staing Install

100 Amp Tesla Charging Station

We often call it a car charging station but in fact it merely is a safe electrical device allowing you to connect your electric car to 240 Volts power. The electrical vehicle charger, which is actually inside your car, converts the AC power from your house to DC power which runs your car.

At Amp Champ we offer you to either install a device box you can then plug into your ‘car charger’ (makes it easier if you are thinking of moving) or we can hard-wire it right into the system.



30 Amp Dryer Plug Install as a Car Charging Station

Bottom left is a 30 Amp Dryer Plug Install for one of our Customer’s Electric Car

Possible Funding available

Did you know that the Green Ontario Fund is providing various grants towards the charger and/or the charger? To check out the details go to: https://greenon.ca/en/programs/electric-vehicle-charging-incentive-program-for-homes?postalcode=L9Y4J7&type=Home