Hot Tub – Pool – Sauna

Enjoying a glass of wine in your hot tub after a day of skiing, enjoying the heat from the sauna, or splashing with the kids in the pool is a perfect, relaxing way to enjoy life. We are here to make your dreams come true. electrical service for hot tubs in collingwood

Call us to install your hot tub, electric sauna or pool and let the fun begin!


It is the law in Ontario to have an electrical inspector from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) inspect all work done to ensure safety to you, your property and your neighbourhood. Once your preferred contractor has completed the electrical work a Inspector will check the work and when approved, will send the contractor the Certificate of Inspection. Once you receive it from your him/her then, you can forward it to your insurance company. Having proof of the Certificate of Inspection will not only provide you peace of mind because the work is done according to electrical code and with it physically safe for you, it might also lower or keep your premium low.


It is imperative that the electrical system is properly grounded to prevent accidental electrocution.


Finding the perfect place for your hot tub or pool is very important. You want the run off water from rain or snow to drain away from your installations.

It is just as imperative to use the correct wire size to prevent voltage drop, which occurs when the installation is a great distance from the panel. If a motor for a pump for instance is rated to operate at 110 V but because of the long distance to the panel with too small of a wire (voltage drop) might only supply 100 V. This Voltage drop will cause premature motor failure as the motor is starving for more power.


Of course, all exposed wires must be appropriately covered.

And then there is the issue of grounding. We all know that Electricity and Water do NOT mix. It is imperative that all necessary grounding is done to prevent accidental electrocution.



The shallow landscaping trench had to be secured by pouring concrete over the cable to prevent accidental puncture by garden tools.